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Mold Inspection Services in Waterville Maine

Professional mold inspection services in Maine. At Maine Mold Inspections we follow the strictest protocols to ensure that mold won’t return by eliminating the moisture source and decontaminating the entire area of mold spores. During the final stages of cleaning, we thoroughly decontaminate and restore the area to its original condition. When our work is … Read more

Heat Pump Cleaning Services

Heat Pump Cleaning Services Here are some reasons why regular maintenance and heat pump cleaning services are important for your heat pump: Energy Efficiency – cleaning your heat pump unit allow air to flow more freely, helping reduce the workload of your unit. Higher energy efficiency = lower energy bills.  Indoor Comfort – your heat pump system … Read more

Fire restoration services

Fire restoration services   No matter how big or small, a fire is a very stressful event and one that will be in need of professional fire restoration services. Even small room fires can cause significant fire and smoke damage that pose a risk to the contents of your business or home. Soot and smoke … Read more

Mold inspections service in Maine

Mold inspections service in Maine The phrase “toxic mold” has become a buzz word in the media the last few years and reports of severe health complications, condemned buildings and other horror stories have contributed to its growth. Are these reports true or just media hype? Not all molds are toxic just as not every … Read more

Mold myths and facts

Mold myths and facts Mold myths and facts number 1: False: Bleach or other retail products can kill mold on any surface. Fact: Most retail products simply discolor mold and are not recommended for use on porous surfaces. In porous and semi-porous materials, such as wood, carpet, ceiling tile or drywall, mold’s roots may not … Read more

Basement water damage cleanup

Basement water damage cleanup Not only does a wet basement feel and smell nasty, it poses a great risk to your home’s value. Left untreated, basement moisture can ruin walls and floors, develop mold, and even damage roofing. Some wet basements are easy to cure simply by clearing out gutters and by diverting gutter water away from … Read more

Mold cleaning services

Mold cleaning services in Hancock County Maine   It’s no secret that mold and odors go hand in hand—one of the first signs of it is often its powerful, stale smell. Whether it’s visible stains, a nasty smell, or a combination of the two that you’re facing in your home, MMI has the expert knowledge … Read more

Mold removal companies in Hancock County Maine

Mold removal companies in Hancock County Maine Did you know that Maine Mold Inspections provides professional removal services in Hancock County Maine! We all know that mold can be a major pain. It darkens the grout lines in your shower, colorizes drywall, shows up as dark spots on siding, blackens decks, and shows up on … Read more

Mold remediation companies, Penobscot County Maine

Mold remediation companies in Penobscot County Maine Mold is an organism that lives in warm temperatures and wet areas. These can be caused by leaky plumbing, leaks in your roof, storm damage or storm heavy rain. Exposure to this bacteria carries with it a variety of unwanted health effects including: Allergic and skin reactions Breathing … Read more

Mold inspection services in Penobscot County Maine

Mold inspection services in Penobscot County Maine Are you searching for a certified restoration specialist in Penobscot County, Maine to solve your inspection needs? If so, the team at Maine Mold Inspections can help. Our team of experienced  professionals come backed with great reviews, and a professional attitude. We offer a variety of mold inspection … Read more